Welcome to Nitin’s Home!

First of all, welcome home! Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur based in Boston, USA. Having lived in multiple countries, I like to think of the world as my home. Writing has always been close to my heart. Be it for expressing emotions or for bringing clarity to thoughts, it has been a crucial channel of communication for me. I consider films as an effective medium not just to entertain, but to help build better communities. And, I love to do my bit to contribute to these. My work includes movies like Teen Din, Main Bhi Social, Ek Pyaali Chai, Dil Ki Dor, The String of Heart, The Phone Call, and my book Sukhan-e-Dil.

This site is my home on the Internet. I will continue to add more updates about my creative projects. I will also be sharing my thoughts from time to time on my Blogs.

As always, if you have any comments, please feel free to get in touch.

Connection With Hindi/Urdu

A lot can be said, but these couplets summarize my connection:

कुछ बातें ज़िंदगी में बनती हैं
कुछ बातों से ज़िंदगी बनती है।

Check out my Blogs on poetry and YouTube Channel for more details.

What’s on my mind?


From poetry to movies, from life to legends, it is a humble attempt to share my learnings via Blogs.

Twilight Glow Films

Twilight Glow Films

At Twilight Glow Films, I hope to make movies that will connect with you and make your heart glow. It is a journey, and I am loving it.

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Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart


We do not get to cherish our passion always. I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity in my life and make my humble contribution to the world of Ghazals. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce my first book on Hindi and Urdu poetry (Ghazals) – Sukhan-e-Dil. Sukhan-e-Dil is about the emotions in our day-to-day lives expressed in the form of Shayari (poetry). These Ghazals have always touched my heart and hopefully, these will touch yours too!

Sukhan-e-Dil is available in both print as well as eBook format.

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