An Ordinary Runner – Behind the Scenes

Lets go behind the scenes of An Ordinary Runner.

Q. What is the inspiration behind An Ordinary Runner?
Nitin: There were 2 main things that inspired the story.

1) Firstly, my own journey as a runner. Going from 800m to 10K took me some time. Obviously, it was not easy. But, along the way I not only developed my running skills, I actually started enjoying it.

2) Secondly, in the past the sports movies I got to watch focused on real athletes (or drew an inspiration in some form), their challenges and accomplishments. When I thought of AOR’s script, I had an ordinary man in mind, his routine and the typical experiences many of us go through in day to day lives. In my humble opinion, what makes this story more interesting is the blend of his passion and routine; and the influence of running on various aspects of his life.

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